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The Apple MacBook Air 2020 – an overview

Apple Macbook Air 2020

In the times of Corona Virus and when most of the world is in lockdown , Apple has gone ahead and released the new and updated MacBook Air 2020 model .

The MacBook Air is Apple’s most-loved and best-selling laptop ever. It is super thin , light weight and powerful enough to be the preferred laptop for most people and currently , it is the least expensive machine in Apple’s lineup of laptops .

The Macbook Air has been around for a long long time but in 2018 it took a step into the modern era with a retina display , Touch ID and USB-C while ditching the Mag-safe port and regular USB-A ports that previous models processed . However it also got the new butterfly keyboard and also increased its starting price to 1199$ . It saw a small iteration in 2019 with the addition of TrueTone display and a reduction of 100$ from the base price .

This year, Apple brought back the scissor keyboards ( magic keyboard as they call it ) with faster processors, double the starting storage and a $999 starting price . All this makes it a great value proposition .

Lets take a look at some of the new features .


The positives

Multiple new processors

In the 2020 Macbook Air , Apple uses the new 10th Generation “ Ice Lake “ processors which have a new microarchitecture . At the 999$ starting price , the Core i3 dual-core processor is available , 100$ more for the Core i-5 quad core processor and for 150$ more we get the Core i7 processor . This is a significant upgrade compared to the standard Core i5 only option in 2018 and 2019 and even if the clock speeds are lower in the 2020 processor , the performance is generally higher than the previous ones , especially graphics performance .

New Keyboard

Apple Macbooks have used the scissor-switch keyboard on them for a long time and were a favorite for people all over the world. However , around 6 years ago , Apple moved to the butterfly keyboard which was much criticized and faced a lot of issues with all models it was used in . However , Apple has listened to its user base and gone back to using a new version of the scissor-switch keyboard they call the Magic Keyboard . The Magic keyboard is a great addition and makes the MacBook Air among the best keyboards to use on the Mac till date . As a great value addition , it also comes with a Touch-ID sensor built into the keyboard setup .


The letdowns

Battery life

The Macbook Air moved from a regular display to a Retina Display in 2018 . The 2018 and 2019 models continued to have almost the same battery life as previous models which was an impressive achievement considering the updated high resolution display . However , the 2020 model has a slightly reduced battery life as shown by various reviews under testing conditions . A dip of 10-15 % in overall battery life was noticed when compared with the older models . While this is still great compared to comparable laptops in the market , a downward trend in battery life of the Macbook Air , which is known for its legendary battery life , is a slightly worrying factor .

720p Webcam

The Apple Macbook Air still uses a 720p webcam even in 2020 while the competition has moved on to a 1080p standard at least . The webcam quality , the detail , the color balance and the noise is all too much for a premium laptop in this segment and surprisingly much below what one would expect an Apple product to be .

Lack of USB-A ports

Apple Macbooks have moved away from USB-A ports for quite sometime now but the world has not fully moved on to USB-C and it does get cumbersome to carry around adapters for all your accessories on a laptop with a $999 starting price .


The Apple Macbook Air in 2020 is back to its original sweet pricing of $999 to start off with for the base model with 256GB storage . In India , the starting price of the same is set at Rs.92990/- which is almost a 22000/- drop compared to the launch price of the last version of MacBook Air that was released In India in 2018 .


At this price , with its great set of features and upgrades including the keyboard and processors , the MacBook Air is again set to become a bestseller in India and across the world .





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